Banana vs. Energy Gel

Banana vs. Energy Gel

One of the most common myths about energy renewal during physical activity is taking a banana, which can be found in many refreshment stations.

Supplying energy during the race

During physical activity, our body uses predominantly carbohydrates as the source of energy and that is why we should supply them during the activity itself. Loss of glucose during an intense sports activity is sometimes so significant that it exceeds 200 g per hour. That is why it is necessary to supply this energy properly during an intense activity. How can we do it?

Common way – a banana

A banana represents a quick and easily accessible choice for an energy supply for many sportsmen. A ripe banana really does contain a high amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral substances, and specifically a significant amount of potassium. Consuming a banana during a sports activity might cause several problems due to an unbalanced ratio between sodium and potassium ions. The muscle cramps may (not must) appear much sooner and we could also expect some intestine discomfort. We may say that a banana is a good choice rather after a sports activity than during it.

Our recommended way – Carbosnack

Carbosnack is a gel for quick energy supply. It combines two types of carbohydrates in a balanced ratio. Together with other active substances it is ideal for a quick energy supply as it helps with an energy crisis during a high heart rate physical performance. Contained niacin helps to lower fatigue and exhaustion and supports normal function of the nervous system. Another benefit is the contained choline that enhances fat metabolism. This makes CARBOSNACK gel an ideal solution for an immediate energy crisis, for energy supply before a demanding part of the race, and for demanding intense performances when it is necessary to maximize energy intake so it is immediately utilized for muscle work. Carbosnack is ready in an easily digestible form so it will not burden your organism with digestion of some other substances like it happens with a banana. An unquestionable benefit is the practicality of the resealable tubes and sachets.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS. 2.5.2022

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