How to get up to 660 muscles moving

How to get up to 660 muscles moving

The winter is almost over and most of us cannot wait for spring because it brings new energy and nicer weather for outdoor activities. If you don’t feel all fit for running or gym after the tough winter, walking might be gentler and more beneficial substitute for another sports activities.

Walking is the most natural movement for the human body. You can increase the pace as much as you like and if you involve your arms in the movement, you can move up to 660 muscles. In short, walking is the ideal sport for all ages and fitness levels.

The number of steps has become a socially accepted measurement of physical activity and barely anyone is missing a smart watch on his wrist to track this activity. However, the desirable 10 000 steps per day are based on a Japanese marketing campaign that took place in 1964 before the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Yamasa, a Japanese company, was the first one to create a pedometer Manpo-Kei, that was designed to motivate people to greater physical activity.

But if we want to improve our health with walking, the distance doesn’t really matter. The walking pace, breathing, and our heart rate are important and often much more significant than any specific number of steps. And if you decide for a walk, exercise in your garden, run in a park, or a bit of cycling, don’t forget to pack some energy with you and enough suitable fluids.

What to pack with you?


When we sweat, important minerals are excreted from our bodies. It is important to supply these minerals back since they ensure normal muscle function and effective rehydration of body cells. For shorter or less demanding sports activities you can enjoy easily soluble tablets for preparation of a hypotonic drink containing calcium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6, and C. All three refreshing flavours are completely sugar-free and free from artificial colours.


This protein bar contains 30 % of proteins that help with growth and maintenance of muscle mass and benefit our bones. It has no added sugars and is gluten-free. This bar is ideal as a snack since one bar contains up to 20 g of protein.


A big portion of a cereal oat bar that is filling and will perfectly supply your energy. Thanks to two types or carbohydrates it ensures effective use of energy and on top of that – all flavours are free from gluten.


Quickly soluble drink that will ensure effective rehydration of your organism after a sports activity. You will obtain magnesium, a smaller amount of carbohydrates that are essential for regeneration, and potassium that supports normal muscle functions. Contained vitamin C supports collagen production and together with vitamin B they help to decrease fatigue and exhaustion.


This tasty drink in a practical instant form was designed for optimal supply of three essential amino acids in a ratio 2:1:1 and glutamine. Contained zinc supports protein production and vitamins B6 and B3 will help you lower fatigue and exhaustion. You may add this drink to your proper drinking regime before, during, or after your workout and you can choose from five delicious flavours.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS. 24.3.2021

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