Unnecessary mistakes that beginner runners make

Unnecessary mistakes that beginner runners make

Have you started running? Congrats! And don’t you make one of these things that are wrong and slow you down?

You stop and take pictures of yourself

When you begin, there is nothing wrong about mixing running and walking. But it is not suitable, especially now in winter, to stop and stand still. For example, to take pictures of the nature or a selfie that you wish to post on social media later. It is important to keep moving, even while waiting for the green light before crossing the road. Our bodies cool down very quickly and very easily which can lead to a bad cold. If you really need to stop, keep jogging on the spot or keep jumping. Both energy and blood must keep circulating.

You run because it’s a trend

Have you started running only because everyone else is running or because you see it everywhere on social media, but you actually don’t enjoy it at all? Then you probably won’t run too far. If running is a torture and boredom for you, you can’t keep it up for a long time anyways. You should rather think about a different activity that you would enjoy and that would bring you joy for real. Not everybody must do what others are doing. You will see that maybe later you will find your way to running by yourselves.

You are too harsh on yourself

You have finally decided to work on yourselves so you are giving running everything you can? Do you run every day, are you speeding up, and extending your distances? You are worn out and sore after every run, but you don’t give in, and you give it your best again. Be careful! You cannot keep this up for a long time and you will end up exhausted, sick, or you will hurt yourselves. Our bodies need to adjust continuously. You can’t go from TV binge watching to a sprinter or marathon star within a month.

You skip stretching

Are you sore after every run? And now be frank. When you finish your run, do you stretch your muscles or is that a boring waste of time for you? If you will keep forgetting to stretch, your muscles will shorten, be less flexible, and regenerate less effectively, so they will always be sore. The stretching after running should be static, no leg swings and no intense moves. Hold on to something to have balance and focus on the duration, ideally 30 to 60 seconds.

You keep the same diet

If you want to exercise regularly and improve, you cannot maintain the same diet. You will feel yourself that your body will ask for healthier or more nutritious food. Eating more is a big advantage of regular working out. That doesn’t mean that you will serve yourself a few extra dumplings. Your diet should be varied and balanced. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t stay hungry after workout because your body and your muscles need to regenerate. It is also important to supply vitamins and minerals. Nutrend Multicomplex is an excellent aid, when each morning you get a dose of multivitamins, and each night a dose of multiminerals.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS. 26.1.2021

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