Water vs. Ionic drink

Water vs. Ionic drink

Correctly set drinking regime during workout or race is one of the most important things you should always focus on. Water is fundamental for hydration of the organism, but during a physical activity, it is necessary to replenish lost ions in the correct ratio, too, and only pure water simply won't do this job for you.


We all know that drinking regime is crucial for the right functioning of our body. Sportsmen in particular should care about a proper hydration already a few days before their performance. On the day of the race it is recommended to drink 500 – 600 ml of water or sports drink and circa other 200 ml before the performance itself. During the performance it is good to supply liquids at least every 20 minutes. Interesting fact is that dehydration worsens the performance. Already 1 % decrease impairs physical performance and 5 % decrease may drop it by 30 %! Dehydration also spoils the body’s function to get rid of excessive heat. So, how can we solve this?

Common way – water

Water is an essential part of any eating regime. Nevertheless, even during a regular day it is recommended to choose different sources of water, like tea, in order to supply minerals or other active substances. If we talk about staying hydrated while maintaining low physical activity, water might be a good choice. For a physical activity exceeding 60 minutes, it is important to supply our body with missing ions in a correct ratio and water cannot help us with that. Lack of minerals might cause muscle cramps. Also, regular water is absorbed more slowly in comparison to some other sports drinks, and that means that our body is not being hydrated quickly enough.

Our recommended way – ISODRINX

Hydration should also supply those ions that we lost while sweating. We may say that with an increased intensity and length of the physical performance the suitability of sports drinks rises. Isodrinx represents an ideal way of hydration as it contains high levels of quickly absorbable carbohydrates, vitamins, and sodium. It may be used for both isotonic as hypotonic dilutions. A dose of 35 g makes 500 ml of an isotonic drink and 750 ml of a hypotonic drink. It includes necessary electrolytes, mixture of 10 vitamins, and increased amount of carbohydrates that help the body to restore regular muscle functions and renew glycogen. Furthermore, carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions increase water absorption during the physical exercise.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS.

Bc. Veronika Pokorná, DiS. 1.5.2022

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