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What is gainer? And is it better than protein?

What is gainer? And is it better than protein?

Carbo products – specialists for “hard gainers”

Gainers are food supplements known mainly for helping us gain weight. For some of us, that task is not so difficult, right? But let’s take a closer look at them. Of course, we are not talking about wanting to be obese, but about gaining muscle weight. That is not the only benefit. Using gainers after workout significantly helps us with regeneration (thanks to the carbohydrates), therefore they can be implemented into diet of both strength and endurance sportsmen. And all of us want to perform the best, is that right?

The basic gainer ingredient is a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins in such an optimal ratio to supplement all nutrients and energy losses that we face during the workout. Gainers are actually designed to be after training drinks – to be used at the time when their use makes the most sense. Some gainers may also contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or other substances that may have a positive effect on our organism, especially after a physical performance.

On the other hand, protein supplements, as their name hints, are designed to supply the body with the highest dose of protein. The goal is also to support muscle growth and regeneration after physical activities, but they cannot compete with their “bulky brothers”, since their purpose is easily “more dietary”.

Proteins are suitable for those who want to gain muscle mass and also for those who want to tone their muscles. If we compare only their benefits to our regeneration, gainers will do us more service.

We burn a lot of muscle glycogen during any intense training and its quick supplementation after workout can significantly reduce the regeneration time. If we consume these supplements after training, whether proteins or carbs, we should always choose such supplement that will be low in fats, since fats will slow down the drink digestion, and our goal is to consume something easily and quickly digestible.

If we use gainers or proteins for a snack, a bit of fat can do no harm and we will very likely enjoy their taste much more.

We must always be careful about the quality of the ingredients. We should always prioritize such supplements that contain quality whey protein.

Many sportsmen think about combining gainers and proteins. Of course, you can do it – if it is in line with your nutrition needs and goals.

If you are trying to maximize the muscle growth and after training regeneration, it may be suitable to combine high-carbohydrate gainers with more proteins.

But if you can easily consume necessary protein (e.g., 2,2 g / 1 kg of body weight a day), but you still struggle to gain weight, it might be a good idea to consume only the gainer. It is important to adjust the dosage to reach your nutrition goals – approximately an intake of 5 – 8 g carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight.

My recommendation is: Increase steadily your daily carbohydrate income and watch the hand on the scale. I am certain that within a month you will get stronger and bigger!


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