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Banana vs. Energy Gel

Banana vs. Energy Gel

One of the most common myths about energy renewal during physical activity is taking a banana, which can be found in many refreshment stations.

Water vs. Ionic drink

Water vs. Ionic drink

Correctly set drinking regime during workout or race is one of the most important things you should always focus on. Water is fundamental for hydration of the organism, but during a physical activity, it is necessary to replenish lost ions in the correct ratio, too, and only pure water simply won't do this job for you.

Support your immunity

Support your immunity

A well-functioning immune system is a foundation of good health and therefore it is crucial to take care of it properly. Supporting functionality of our immune system is important mainly during periods with an increase in infectious diseases (in fall and in winter), during recovery, and when undergoing physical or mental drain. Our immune system is on our guard and expects a lot of work. But at these times we can also rely on the support of food supplements. We recommend consulting the combination of products with a specialist.

How to protect our bones and joints

How to protect our bones and joints

Each year, the week after the 12th of October is dedicated to the well-being of bones and joints and prevention of their diseases.

Unnecessary mistakes that beginner runners make

Unnecessary mistakes that beginner runners make

Have you started running? Congrats! And don’t you make one of these things that are wrong and slow you down?

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